Application Design and Development

We recognise that every business is unique in its operation and methodology. Conventional off the shelf software packages will rarely perform company-specific tasks to the exacting requirements of your organisation. Bridging the gap between such conventional software downfalls and your business purposes can become resource intensive and affect your overall ROI on these packages.

By carefully analysing the needs and desires of your particular operation, Nexxian can provide you with a custom-designed solution across a broad spectrum of software technologies and database solutions, which can be delivered via Internet, Intranet, Extranet, Mobile and many more.

Our combination of rapid development technologies and experience spanning decades in the field of software development work to provide the correct solution on time, every time.


When it comes to recommending IT systems and solutions for our clients, we recognise the importance of meeting with the people who understand the problem and can explain the solution intelligently and knowledgeably.

When you contact us you will be dealing with a dedicated, professional consultant who is qualified to assess your requirements to a technical level and be able to recommend the appropriate solution. This single-level contact approach ensures an efficient response to all of your IT needs.

Network Security

We take the business of securing our client s IT systems (and our own) very seriously indeed; this has been a principle for us since day one.

We are constantly evaluating new and better methods and technologies of IT security to ensure that our clients systems are never compromised.

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